1_meitu_1Yayue Pan

Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago

Address: 842 W Taylor St, ERF 3025, Chicago, IL 60607

Phone: (312) 996-8777, Fax: (312) 413-0447,  Email: yayuepan@uic.edu

Welcome to the homepage of Dr. Yayue Pan’s Additive Manufacturing LaboratoryAdditive Manufacturing (AM) or Direct Digital Manufacturing is based on a class of new fabrication processes that can directly yield physical objects from Computer Aided Design (CAD) models. At UIC’s MIE department, Dr. Pan’s research objective is to advance Additive Manufacturing through exploring the science in physics and materials, to transform how we create and work by developing and applying novel Additive Manufacturing technologies in a wide range of applications.  Main research focus include multi-material additive manufacturing, additive manufacturing of electronics, soft robots, medical devices, and thermal energy management devices. 

Research assistant positions are available. Highly motivated PhD program applicants, visiting scholars/students are welcome. Interested applicants please send your curriculum vitae to yayuepan@uic.edu


2018: Yayue gave a seminar in the Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Aerospace Engineering, at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. 

2018: Yayue will serve as chair of CIE-CAPPD program scientific committee in 2018 academic year. Congratulations! 

2018: Our paper, titled “Elevated‐Temperature 3D Printing of Hybrid Solid‐State Electrolyte for Li‐Ion Batteries“, in collaboration with Dr. Reza Shahbazian-Yassar’s group was published in the journal Advanced Materials. Congratulations! 

2018: Yayue (PI) and Alexander L. Yarin (Co-PI) received a National Science Foundation grant, titled “Programming Ink Deposition Dynamically: The New Science of Direct Ink Writing”. Congratulations! 

2018: Ketki Mahadeo Lichade and Kevin X. S. Amay joined our group as master students for thesis.  Welcome!

2018: Ana Sayoury received UIC Chancellor’s Undergraduate Research Award. Congratulations!

2018: Kevin X. S. Amay received UIC Chancellor’s Undergraduate Research Award. Congratulations!

2018: Raheel Jafarani received UIC Chancellor’s Undergraduate Research Award. Congratulations!

2017: Jose Luis Salinas received UIC Chancellor’s Undergraduate Research Award. Congratulations!

2017: Yayue received the 2017 Faculty Research Award from the College of Engineering at UIC. 

2017: Yayue (PI) received a National Science Foundation grant, titled “Collaborative Research: Acoustic Field-Assisted Stereolithography for Multi-Material Additive Nanomanufacturing” in collaboration with Dr. Shan Hu at Iowa State University.  

2017: Yayue received the Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer (OYME) Award from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME).

2017: Erina Joyee joined our group as a Ph.D. student. Welcome!

2017: Our recent publication “Study of separation force in constrained surface projection stereolithography” in Rapid Prototyping Journal is covered by 3DPrintingIndustry news at: https://3dprintingindustry.com/news/stuck-sla-3d-printing-new-research-holds-promise-big-area-additive-manufacturing-106606/

2017: Yayue was invited as a guest speaker of Manufacturing Interest Group (MFIG) seminar series, in the Department of Mechanical Science & Engineering, at UIUC.  

2016: Yayue (PI) received a grant “Real-time Monitoring, Analysis and Remote Diagnosis of Automotive Systems” from EP Equipment Ltd. 

2016: Yayue opened a new undergraduate course on Additive Manufacturing: “ENGR 111: Engineering Practicum in Additive Manufacturing” in Fall 2016. 

2016: Yayue (Co-PI) received a National Science Foundation grant ” Collaborative Research: Environmental Sustainability of Additive Manufacturing Processes: Bridging Geometry and Life Cycle Inventory” with Dr. Lin Li (PI). 

2016: Abhishek defended his master thesis on 4/19. Congratulations to him! 

2016: Lu received a NSF travel award from NAMRC/MSEC 2016 Conference. Congratulations to her!

2016: Yayue (PI) received a National Science Foundation grant “Layerless Additive Manufacturing of 3D Objects with Wide Solid Cross Sections” with Dr. Jie Xu (Co-PI).  

2016: Haiyang received a NSF travel award from ICOMM 2016. Congratulations to him!

2016: Yayue (Co-PI) received a MIE Battery Cluster grant “Advanced Manufacturing for Electric Vehicle Battery” with Dr. Lin Li (PI) and Dr. Carmen Lilley (Co-PI). 

2016: Chintan defended his master thesis on 3/9. Congratulations to him! 

2015: Mukund defended his master thesis on 11/19. Congratulations to him! 

2015: Yayue gave a seminar in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at UIC. 

2015: Yayue and Elias received a “Chancellor’s Undergraduate Research Award”. Elias joined our group as an undergraduate researcher.  Welcome!

2015: Yayue joined the editorial board of Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research. 

2015: Lu was given the Faydor Litvin Graduate Award. Congratulations to her!

2015: Anish got a position in Caterpillar Inc.. Congratulations to him!

2015: Lu and Malek joined our group as Ph.D. students. Welcome!

2015: Yayue (PI) received a Manufacturing Research Center grant from All Cell Technologies, LLC, for project “Additive Manufacturing of Phase Change Materials for Thermal Energy Storage Applications”.

2015: Yayue (PI) received a COE Seed Fund for project “Direct Digital Manufacturing for Rational Design of Drug Delivery to the Central Nervous System” with Dr. Linninger. 

2015: Yayue (co-PI) received a Chancellor Research Fund for project “New Materials for 3D Printing of Flow Reactors: A New Parameter for Reaction Optimization” with Dr. Mohr. 

2014: Yayue was invited to give a talk in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Zhejiang University in Dec. 2014.

2014: Yayue was invited to give a talk at the UIC Imaging Mini-Symposium in the Neurophsychiatric Institute in Nov. 2014.

2014: Yayue opened a new graduate course on Additive Manufacturing “ME/IE 594 “Advanced Topics in 3D Printing/ Additive Manufacturing” for the Fall 2014 semester!